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IPad 2 launch university village Seattle

I shot this clip around 5:45pm on iPad 2 launch day in Seattle.

Here's what people think of iOS 7

Some love it. Others have never heard of it. And for a few, it shut down their phones. That's the consensus on iOS 7 from the 20 or so iPhone owners I polled ...

Line to get an iPad 2 - University Village Seattle

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

iPad 2 Big lines in Seattle

March 11, 2011, 5:10pm Long line for iPad2 at University Village Seattle, WA.

Setting up Google #Starwars cardboard

Today on #Whynotwednesday, Verizon corporate stores are giving customers a cool, free, Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Google cardboard. Eric Sorg at the ...

First in Line for iPad 2

Otto Wiskerchen, 41, Montlake Terrace, was first in line for the iPhone 2 at the Apple Store in University Village.

Apple iPad 2 Video Review

Video review on the new Apple iPad 2. Is the slimmer, faster, and lighter iPad worth the price, or is this tech just another gadget marketing hype? Comment, Rate ...

iPad Mania: Just What a Worldli Traveler Needs!

http://worldlifilm.com | The whole is getting wet over the iPad - It's perfect for media-loving travelers packing light. And yes, it's about as cool as it seems! I had to ...

Apple Store #2: Seattle, WA Grand Opening

Yes, I went to Seattle (I was living in Portland at the time, it was a 2 hours or less bus ride that cost me $50 round trup) for their second Apple Store opening ...

iPAD Sales Launch Day

Excited Apple store employees marking the beginning of the first sale of iPADs at the Apple store in the U Village in Seattle.

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